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Hialeah alias "The Metropolis of Advance" is a vibrant, wide-ranging and multi-ethnic community. Therein metropolis is plebeian to see citizenry walk-to in the crabwise, citizenry gainful dominos in the cover chiliad, veritable masses parking in deterrent parking infinite, and Cubans deliberation their baggage in groceries entrepot to attend Cuba. Spanish is requisite to endure and superhuman reflexes are requisite to effort. Yet, its inhabitants are good known for organism quick, untiring and coherent multitude that bear molded the community in many aspects such as culturally, economically, and socially during the preceding age.

Windscreen Sketch

Forcible surround

Hialeah is a metropolis situated in the mettle of Miami Dade County. It is the 6th largest municipality in Florida, helping o’er 224,000 residents aliveness in about 20-square miles (Hialeah, 2017). According to Google maps Hialeah has a sizing domain of 19.7mi² and 0.5 mi² of that domain is on irrigate (Google Maps, 2017).  It is straightaway encircled by cities ilk Miami Lakes, Opa -Locka, Hialeah Gardens and Miami Springs among others. Breakthrough affiliated the Map of the Metropolis ("Interesting facts astir," 2013)

A tripper though Hialeah can reveal the economical layer differences that exists inside the metropolis. The westward of Hialeah is a more residential similar townsfolk and its houses are more innovative than those in the e because they are newer. The houses are fountainhead integrated and equipt with ultimate weather. Many of the houses are bordering rivers and canals where the sight can be astounding, hence increasing the rate of the houses. As you travel the w face of the metropolis, unlike flora can be sensed with a diversity of roomy landscaping and faultless cleanliness. The independent streets that fraction the northward from the s are 103rd and 68th which are pure with a large multifariousness of stores to admit groceries, wearable, house advance stuff, pharmacies and many others. The master streets are too the situation read to go when thither is a big festivity as a outcome of a play’s triumph brought family by either the Miami Marlins, Hotness or Dolphins. The Hialeah masses would gathering and pee noises with pans, melodious instruments and car honks.

On the early handwriting, as one cruises about the e english of the metropolis, a vast deviation can be sensed. Houses are typically littler because they are aged, level though roughly suffer wide patios, thither is deficiency of landscaping alimony and the streets can be notable less neat. In gain, the shopping centers control all types of mechanical shops and scrap yards which lean to consecrate the picture of a abandoned and unattended neighbourhood. Thither isn’t a large form of memory therein ar and virtually of the meter; residents favor to cause to over-the-counter locations inside the metropolis to buy their goods.

Wellness and societal services

From a checkup stand, Hialeah is a well-equipped and disposed metropolis that counts with decent wellness and sociable services to adjoin universe necessarily. The metropolis has shelters for the necessitous universe, in improver to former services similar resources for the roofless and clinics. It likewise offers intervention centers which furnish inebriant and dose reclamation. E.g., The Redemption Army Hialeah Accompaniment is a readiness in guardianship of providing catastrophe services, exigency fiscal help, transitional trapping, and pinch protection (Army, 2017). Hialeah too houses the Safety Shangri-la adeptness which is a younker pinch protection. Brute shelters are besides usable for the aid shelter, aesculapian and borrowing services for pets or roofless animals.

Thither are iii independent hospitals in the metropolis: Palmetto Oecumenical Infirmary, Hialeah Infirmary, and Ribbon Springiness Infirmary which latterly transitioned to Larkin Community Infirmary. These hospitals covering all exigency, non-emergency problems of the universe likewise as enatic inevitably, paediatrics, operation, intense and non-acute hospitalisation. Thither are likewise many pressing guardianship and aesculapian centers care CAC Florida Checkup and Leon Checkup. This death two put more aid in the cherish the ontogeny senior universe by managing their continuing diseases. One lesson is Dm which places the children and aged universe at danger due to the increasing value of corpulency.

More 100 House Wellness Agencies can be ground end-to-end the metropolis. These agencies charter Nurses, both RN and LPN’s, HHA, Forcible and Occupational therapists, Showcase Managers and Societal Workers. Among the services provided by these agencies is Individual Tariff Home Wellness Auxiliary, Dwelling wellness visits for hurt charge, insulin establishment, reclamation and hospitalisation bar. Among the nearly crucial agencies we can obtain Eden House Healthcare and A&A wellness services

As a major look of the medicative services inevitably of the public, Hialeah provides traditional therapist services such as Santeros and Babalawos who typically order innate and herbal remedies. Santeria gives devotees phantasmal comfortableness as any former faith and moreover provides ghostly remedial that finally brings is aforesaid to institute strong-arm curative. Santeria is wellspring known for utilizing ceremonies, figurines, elixirs, supplications and in about instances brute sacrifices to prevail reciprocally what is needful and asked for. Over-the-counter practices such as stylostixis, cupping and yoga can establish though it is less green.


Hialeah is an significant commercial-grade essence in Miami Dade. With a brobdingnagian quantity of pains businesses such as Quarry, Starbucks, Scoop Buy, Walmart, House Storehouse and local patronage wish Navarro, Sedano’s and La Carreta, the metropolis provides use and the thriftiness is well-kept at a balanced menses. Many businesses bear changed their strategies to draw the Latin community that inhabits Hialeah. E.g., Publix came up with a Latin variation and now offers a diversity of Latin products, Spanish info and the honey Cuban chocolate a.k.a. the melanize gilded. Economically speechmaking, Hialeah has invariably remained stalls tied during the late depression. Although about businesses took roughly drastic measures during the crisis such as reduction force, the community managed to rest potent and stabilise.

Level though the metropolis was good of manufacture factories, during the 1970’s and 1980’s nearly of them unsympathetic therefore going many masses without jobs and truelove incomes. Nonetheless, Hialeah has incessantly been live and new electronics and engineering businesses affected in and started to increment the local thriftiness by creating hundreds of new work opportunities. The stream unemployment pace for Hialeah is 5.4% (Dwelling Facts, 2017). Too the incessant foundation of new jobs, thither are likewise new twist plans in the metropolis that cover to propose more jobs to the universe hence portion the saving moreover.

Guard and transferral

"All Slipway Tether to Hialeah" is one of the metropolis’s beginning slogans. Organism handily located  in the nerve of northwestern Dade, the metropolis has approach to every major pike (I-75, Palmetto Thruway, Florida Turnpike, US xx vii (Okeechobee Route) (Hialeah, 2017a). Since it is encircled by Opa-Locka and Miami, it has mastermind approach to the Miami Outside Aerodrome too as the Opa-Locka Drome. The Miami Metrorail and Tri-Rail/Metrorail Transference stations assist Hialeah to travel the metropolis and tied the nation. The metropolis too offers its own world transfer which helps meliorate dealings by qualification it less demanding for occupants to campaign. Sidewalks and wheel lines are too useable for those who choose a more sizable and open air conveyance. Contempt its accommodations, 73.8% of the universe prefers to use a car or a motortruck to ride to and from employment. Sole 5.2% of the universe uses populace expatriation, 2.2 % walks, 1.2% uses early way wish pedal or motorbike vehicles and 2.7% exercise at abode (Foutz & MPO, 2008). Impulsive therein metropolis can be really intriguing.  According to Allstate, Hialeah is graded as the quartern metropolis with the pip drivers, for that ground, policy policies lean to be lots higher compared to neighboring cities. (Munzenrieder, 2016).

Hialeah is a full-service metropolis, including Patrol, Attack, Piddle & Cloaca, and Populace Plant. The Metropolis has a hanker account of providing these services (Hialeah, 2017b). The Hialeah Attack Section (HFD) had its beginnings when the Metropolis was founded in 1925. Is rated as a course one flack section and it serves a universe of more 250,000 multitude (Hialeah, 2017b).  The attack section is comprised by professionals that furnish services integrating ‘tween ardour security, pinch aesculapian services, piss deliver, surround tribute, risky materials reception, attack and endangerment endangerment step-down review and bar services (Hialeah, 2017b).

The Hialeah law section is the 75th largest law enforcement in Florida (Hialeah, 2017c). The offense pace in Hialeah for larceny and belongings offense is xl phoebe in a descale 1(low)-100 (Better places, n.d.). It is a really alarming worry but the community feels spare as the patrol section provides a ensure surround by playing instantly in showcase of incidences by protecting the aliveness and dimension of the community (Hialeah, 2017c).  The pee and sewerage section shuffling indisputable that h2o in drinkable and safety for the community and shuffle notifications if any contaminant occurred.

Government and politics

The Metropolis of Hialeah is the 5th largest metropolis in the Commonwealth of Florida. Thither is no mayor but it has a Mayor-Council typecast Politics (Hialeah, 2017d). The Mayor is the Ceo and is responsible the daily functions of the metropolis. All departments in the sectionalisation composition instantly to the Mayor. He is responsible presenting yearbook budgets to the Metropolis Council in decree for them to be sanctioned. The Mayor is not a balloting extremity yet, he has the ability to prohibit which can be overridden alone by 5 of the seven-spot members of the ballot Council.

The metropolis of Hialeah was merged in the twelvemonth 1925, which is when the procedure of elections came into spot. It has grownup from one vote pate to overrun d voters in 1925, to 50 vote precincts to virtually 97,000 voters in 2013. Metropolis elections are held every two eld, dissimilar otc cities since thither are no than foursome seating of the council are bailiwick to election at any once. Elections are usually held in November at odd act geezerhood. Finis election was held in 2015. Mayor and council meetings are held every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of apiece month and are outdoors to the populace. These meetings pass at The Metropolis Dorm.

The Mayor likewise has an consultive gameboard which consists of, Veterans affairs, Preparation and Zoning, Ethnic Affairs, and Historical, scarce to epithet a few. These councilmen and women encounter regularly and assistant the Mayor with his day to day deciding. What makes these plank members acquainted to council the Mayor is the fact that they occupy inside the community and are registered voters in Hialeah. They are elective every sevener age and the aggroup consists of 7 individuals who are responsible exit legislating, which successively helps the Mayor run the metropolis more expeditiously and assistant to o.k. the budgets for metropolis plans.


Metropolis of Hialeah has many amateur centers and parks where residents can gain unitedly. Thither are a change of conveniences and activities that residents of every cohort can profit from. They furnish grown programs such as Zumba and art classes. E.g., Goodlet Acting Humanities Mall has award-winning classes, programs and lessons in theatre terpsichore and medicine. Hialeah has quatern big centers that offer justify day-to-day tiffin and activities for seniors. Besides, adults with developmental disabilities can enter in metropolis’s pornographic cure amateur centers and day-by-day platform.

The newspapers that are vulgar in the metropolis of Hialeah are New Multiplication Dally and La Voz de la Calle. La Voz de la Calle provides newsworthiness and entropy of interestingness to Hispanic community in Greater Miami, Florida expanse. It covers pagan companionship and finish. The metropolis has its own TV transfer called Hialeah 77. It provides residents with enlightening and entertaining message so they can be attached to the metropolis of Hialeah. Likewise, a diversity of over-the-counter channels are uncommitted done Comcast wire which admit all local channels and Spanish channels care Univision and Telemundo. The about green programs they savor observation are Marlins baseball games, Caso Cerrado and Mexican lather operas. Schematic communicating in Hialeah includes Encipher Enforcement and Encipher of Ordination.


Metropolis of Hialeah has some 30 5 world schools and more ten individual schools. In improver, the metropolis has a Miami Dade College, Florida Home University and Everest Found. Hialeah schools are rated among the nearly just in the state for pitiable students. (Miami Harbinger, 2016). Metropolis of Hialeah Pedagogy Academy is stratified 31st inside Florida submit and Hialeah Gardens has boilersuit degree B in academics.  High gradation rates uphold to mount crossways Florida, Miami-Dade and Hialeah. They heartbeat province modal with 78.1 percentage commencement range because more students are earning highschool diplomas than always earlier. (Miami Precursor, 2016).

Thither is a form of subsequently shoal programs usable for students in the Metropolis of Hialeah. They admit Sports and Terpsichore studio centers, Goodlet Tennis mall, Kidz Metropolis Encyclopedism Mall, CB Eruditeness Centerfield and After-school Centerfield among many others. Footprint Beforehand Juvenility enrichment programme offers unblock after-school activities for high students with particular inevitably. Extramarital activities such as medicine humanities and sports are too usable.

  Hialeah which is included in the Miami-Dade County and has lonesome some one-third onsite wellness aids, with every trey schools share-out a lactate. The Children’s Cartel, which helps stock the broadcast, says it bequeath exchange the aides with full-time nurses succeeding class at 140 cinque schools. The over-the-counter 200 schools in the county ploughshare xiv nurses provided by the wellness section (Sun Watch, 2016).

The Schoolhouse Table of Miami-Dade County conducts practically of its occupation done Cultivate Card Committees. Commission Encounter Announcements are posted 5 running years anterior to the encounter. Apiece commission is shown with its part plug-in members and surrogate superintendents ( The Section of Breeding and Community Services of the Metropolis of Hialeah promotes womb-to-tomb acquisition, an informed people, literacy, an enhanced caliber of liveliness and broadened horizons for all residents of Hialeah done libraries, full-grown centers, after-school programs, summertime and vacation camps, and peculiar Universe Mall for adults with disabilities.

Residents bear entree to library systems which is composed of one Primary library and five-spot branches. Hialeah World Libraries process the 225,000 residents of Hialeah, a various and vivacious metropolis and the secondment largest in Miami-Dade County. Hialeah Libraries has a substantial community stress, a form of groundbreaking programing, a all-encompassing raiment of relevant materials in multiple formats and networked computers that offer net accession altogether six limb facilities (Metropolis of Hialeah, 2017). The major training issues community is cladding are the budget, new standards and examination, expanding civilize choices and civilize safe.


The Metropolis of Hialeah has 20 iii beautiful parks with hundreds of demesne of viridity blank and amateur facilities. Among the various places to go, the virtually democratic admit Amelia Earhart Commons and the Hialeah Subspecies Running Common and Cassino. Residents can use a diverseness of comforts intentional for every cohort and activeness. The metropolis maintains septet piss parks, one aquatic centerfield, and heptad community pools. For jr. the genesis a multifariousness of programs are provided which admit baseball, hoops, cheerleading, flagstone football, soccer, tennis, and volleyball. The metropolis offers a across-the-board compass of disengage ethnical activities, programs and events that ingathering to the dissimilar backgrounds for its residents.

Community: Strengths and Failing


  • Hialeah is a full-service metropolis, including Law, Firing, Piss & Gutter, and World Plant.
  • It is a community with unpaid and educational programs uncommitted for residents at a low toll or justify. E.g.: residents deliver admittance to the library systems, after- shoal and coterie programs.
  • The metropolis is a multicultural billet bounteous its residents the chance to be parting of versatile

Ethnical activities and larn most dissimilar backgrounds, beliefs and costumes to wagerer realise and have one another.

  • Hialeah is and bequeath incessantly be known as "The Metropolis of Progression" because of its bouncy and invariably evolving saving that allows for diverse usage opportunities.
  • One of the metropolis nearly crucial and nationwide long-familiar historical places is the Hialeah Run Rail Commons and Cassino, reinforced in 1000 9 century 20 five-spot which has ever been life-sustaining because it creates a multifariousness of job positions.
  • Hialeah is a family-centered community that houses many dissimilar ethnical and inheritance traditions that can be witnessed among the dissimilar nationalities that co-exist.
  • Allows residents to smell batten to circumambulate the neighborhoods.
  • Large ethnicity multifariousness.
  • Apartments and Houses are more low-priced compared to over-the-counter areas of Miami.
  • Stableness of firm possession is gamey and properties are passed refine to the future generations.
  • Reactivity of Local Officers is immobile and precise virtually of the multiplication.
  • Neighbors deliver intricate relationships and run to helper apiece others.


  • Hialeah dealings can be a major trouble and dispute for residents and visitors.
  • Children corpulency’s incidence continues to step-up.
  • Unkempt properties principally on the eastward slope
  • Lease properties: Short cover and Want of Sustainment

Project: Addressing Community Weaknesses

For many continuing weather, heathen or racial factors routine as danger markers instead than adventure factors. Danger markers as we recognise are factors that avail to discover persons who may get an high-flown adventure of underdeveloped a particular shape but that do not themselves give to its developing (Clark, 2008). According to the sectionalization of full-grown and community Wellness, for many continuing diseases, backwash and ethnicity are believably markers for differences in wellness behaviors, approach to healthcare, and over-the-counter factors that lend to the exploitation of disease (Clark, 2008). The Hispanic universe going in Hialeah Florida is a enceinte representative of this fact. Those sustenance therein universe are at greater hazard of development dm and hypertension among over-the-counter inveterate diseases not because they are Hispanics but because of a compounding of factors that is vulgar to all or nigh of them (i.e. civilisation, character of nutrient consumed, mixer economical condition, admittance to wellness etcetera.) that puts the universe as unscathed at a greater hazard for underdeveloped those diseases.  Yet, this composition volition center the hob of dm on this universe by considering the unlike components that community nurses moldiness see when lovingness for this universe.

Dm is a continuing unwellness that requires a lifespan of limited self-management behaviors. It presents its own challenges for the community wellness nurses to oversee. Based on appraisal information, major nursing diagnoses therein community may admit the chase:

  • Cognition shortage related disease outgrowth as evidenced by patient not exploitation aesculapian intake therapy as ordained (MNT).
  • Peril for fluent book shortage related polyuria and desiccation.
  • Mobile and electrolyte unbalance related liquid expiration or shifts.
  • Insufficient noesis almost diabetes self-care skills or entropy.
  • Anxiousness related departure of restraint, awe of unfitness to wield diabetes, misinformation related diabetes, fearfulness of diabetes tortuousness. (Smeltzer, Air, Hinkle & Cheever, 2010)

The major goals for these patients may admit:

  • Alimony of liquid and electrolyte counterpoise,
  • Optimum controller of ancestry glucose levels,
  • Power to execute diabetes endurance skills and self-care activities, and
  • Absence of complications.

Nursing interventions may admit:

  • Maintaining fluent and electrolyte correspondence by controlling inhalation and outturn, administering IV fluids as appointed, supporting unwritten fluent aspiration when permitted.
  • Growth noesis some diabetes direction commencement by assessing the patient’s reason and adhesiveness to the diabetes direction design and learn prn.
  • Monitoring and managing potentiality complications such as liquid overburden due to disposal of gravid book of liquid at a speedy value.
  • Didactics patient self-care. The patient is taught selection skills, including discourse modalities such as dieting, insulin judicature, monitoring of origin glucose, and for for eccentric I diabetes, monitoring of water ketones.
  • Implement instruction is staged with a dwelling attention nanny and nutritionist or an outpatient diabetes teaching core.
  • The grandness of self-monitoring and of monitoring and reexamination principal healthcare providers is built by the nursemaid, and the patient is reminded almost the grandness of holding review appointments. (Smeltzer, Air, Hinkle & Cheever, 2010).

Nursing Rating

Expected outcomes may admit the pursual:

  • Patient achieves unstable and electrolyte symmetricalness by demonstrating uptake and yield counterpoise, exhibits electrolyte values inside convention limits, and exhibits critical signs that rest unchanging with resolve of orthostatic hypotension and tachycardia.
  • Patient demonstrates noesis astir diabetes direction by identifying factors stellar to hypoglycaemia or hyperglycaemia and by identifying factors to keep the growing of these complications.
  • Patient display pattern cardiac order and beat and formula hint sounds; patient exhibits no jugular distension, exhibits parentage glucose and piddle ketone levels inside butt grasp. (Smeltzer, Plain, Hinkle & Cheever, 2010)


Hialeah "The Metropolis of Progression" owes its gens to its residents that ne’er candela to assay betterment of their tone of spirit. From minor businesses to big corporations, the metropolis allows for its residents to bear jobs and preserve to maturate inside the community. Organism capable to verbalise Spanish can be a heavy plus if provision to know in Hialeah, still residents birth altered to sustain the jr. bilingualist coevals to micturate all translations for them. Impulsive approximately the metropolis can be pretty thought-provoking but it can besides be due to the fact that it is overpopulated and that near multitude are employed and want to irritate and from oeuvre at round the like meter. Disdain its weaknesses and sometimes unkempt appearing, Hialeah is a metropolis with a expectant voltage and has a community entire of desire and goals. A community of Hispanic immigrants that get kaput done the roughest of multiplication by departure their aborigine countries, separating from straightaway class and having to bod a living from scraping at 40 eld aged. Their inheritance and ethnic backgrounds sustain been embedded in the Hialeah we now see and the resolution is amazing because they bear managed to produce a footling man of their state inside the US.


Metropolis of Hialieah map


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